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Adventures Of Homeschooling As An ADHD Mom

“What??? Your going to homeschool your child?!!! Isn’t that going to be too much for you?”

“I wouldn’t have the patience for that.”

“Your kid will be socially awkward and not know how to act around other people.”

“Your kid won’t be able to make any friends.”

“You can’t shelter your kid forever.”

“They won’t be prepared for the real world.”

“Don’t you have to be certified or have a degree to teach?”

“Do you have the knowledge to actually give your kid a good education?”

“Do you even know what the laws are for Massachusetts. I heard they are the hardest state to homeschool in.”

These are not all the things I heard, when I mentioned that I was going to homeschool my son Colton, but just a sample. Talk about throwing cold water on my homeschooling aspirations. But despite all the negativite critisizm on my choice to homeschool, I have decided to move forward and try my best nonetheless.

My son just turned 5 years old this December of 2023 and he missed the cut off for kindergarten. So we will officially be homeschooling for the 2024-2025 school year.

But wait!!!

We have started to homeschool now!

Yea.. yea.. I gotta get all the paperwork in and get approved this summer to do it officially.

However I thought I would give it a trial run and start spontaneously at the beginning of December. I want to make sure this is something I can do as a Mom with ADHD. And heck see if he will even listen to me and if we can learn anything at all.

So far we have done one week of homeschool and are on our second week.

Day 1: It started off a bit difficult the first day with getting him interested in doing homeschool, because he thought it was boring. He argued with me quite a bit and wasn’t putting in much effort. But by the end of the day he did managed to enjoy parts of it.

Rest Of Week 1: The homeschooling got better as the week went on. There were moments of frustration, confusion and boredom but there was also moments of learning, enjoyment, confidence building and bonding time for Colton and I.

I didn’t think I would love homeschooling. I have chosen to try it because I think it will be good for him with his own ADHD difficulties, the way the school system is today and the lack of God in the schools.

Well I was surprised this past week to find I actually have been enjoying doing it with Colton. Of course there were still moments I did not enjoy so much as well but I am going to expect that.

Are you homeschooling, have homeschooled before, plan to homeschool or have thought about homeschooling?

So stay tuned will update soon. (Read disclaimer/FYI on the about page if you haven’t already.)

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