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Benefits Of Waking Up Early As An ADHD Mom

Most of my Mom life I have woken up around the time my son would wake since he was a baby. He is now 4 years old and very soon to be 5.

Recently within the past year my son Colton has been waking up and I have been “sleeping in” until about 7am to almost 8am depending on the day.

One thing that has stayed the same is, the moment I wake up he is on a mission to have all my attention. Mostly he wants me to play with him. From the moment I get up he talks about what game or activity he wants to play with me. Then also he wants breakfast right away because he is very hungry. I love this kid, but oh how I would love a relaxed quiet morning sometimes.

I am like in a daze and trying to wake up. I have many things to do every morning. I wake up in a fog and usually dehydrated. I need to:

  • feed and water the dog cat and birds
  • feed Colton breakfast
  • walk the dog to go to the bathroom
  • take vitamins
  • get Colton to take his vitamins
  • keep refilling the water filter because we have crap water
  • get colton to do his morning routine
  • get colton to do his chores
  • do my own long list of chores
  • oh yea and do my own self care.

I do this the whole time while hearing “Mom, momma, mommy when will you play with me, can we play now, what about now?”

Now don’t get me wrong I will miss this one day when he stops asking me to play and just wants to do his own thing. I actually like it when I have the energy and feel rested and refreshed.

But it also gets very tiring first thing in the morning when I just wake up. I need some time to myself and some time of quiet, before the chaos of the day begins.

Stay tuned more to come. If you haven’t yet read my disclaimer/ FYI on my about me page.

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