Fitting Exercise Into My Busy Day As An ADHD Mom

Last Updated on: June 12th, 2024

Hey Kacey here. I haven’t used chat gpt in this post yet to make it more organized and more of a normal article. So it is bare bones getting my thoughts out.

Exercise is important. I have body aches. I am very tight and stiff. I have bad posture. I am overweight. I can’t keep up with my kid most of the time. I am super out of shape for horseback riding which is my favorite activity to do (also haven’t done it for a long time). I have brain fog, mood swings and anxiety. My skin has a good amount of blemishes acne and dry skin.

I won’t list all my problems but the point here is all of these issues can be improved with regular exercise.

In this post, I am going to quickly go over why exercise is so important, especially for a Mom with ADHD. Then how I am trying to fit it into my crazy busy days. Lastly motivation, my struggles with it and how I am going to try to do it despite my fluctuating motivation.

This is an update from when I first wrote this but currently I have been only hiking in the morning in the woods with my son Colton and our dog Pepper. By the way updates I will write in italics, hopefully that will work.

I plan to get back to some sort of exercise besides walking especially the daily stretching and strength training. It was just taking a lot of time away from the morning which is very busy already and I homeschool my son and his best time is mid morning to early afternoon. So I wanted less to do. However we are hiking and walking longer than before about an hour most mornings.

Disclaimer: I know I am all over the place with my articles. Read my about me page if you have so you can understand why, especially the blue part.

Why Regular Exercise Is Important As A Mom With ADHD

  • Keeps your body from stiffening up
  • gives a positive mood boost and expels negative mood
  • increases energy for time with your kids and everything you need to do in the day
  • clearer mind more all the tasks in the day and raising kids.
  • more strength for daily activities and kids
  • less pain in the body
  • Makes your body healthier in general.
  • expels toxins in your body through sweat.
  • clears up and moisturises your skin. (Course best to rinse off after sweating.)
  • Helps you to be at a healthier size for your body type.
  • Helps you be more flexible.
  • Improves posture.

How I Am Trying To Fit It In

I have a morning routine that I try to follow. (That is a good place to start if you don’t have one yet.)

Right now I am fitting exercise and stretching time after my morning walk with my son Colton and our dog Pepper. I was doing this before but now I am just walking longer from 15 min walk before when I wrote this to a 60 min hike in the woods and I am not doing the other parts of my exercise routine at the moment.

It is not always at the same time but I am trying to keep my morning routine in a certain order.

I need to keep myself flexible, because there will be days I can’t fit it in at that time or at all. But it will be my default when I can.

Motivation To Exercise

I think this is the hardest part of the equation.

Often when I start something I have high motivation. I am gung ho ready to go! Then the dopamine of starting something new wears off and I get bored.

But with exercise I have more motivation issues than just that.

I will be the first to admit I hate to sweat. I hate the feeling of being wet and slimy and stinky. This is part of my difficulty being motivated.

The other part I struggle with is I don’t like pushing my body to do hard things. I don’t like feeling pain, breathing heavy so my lungs hurt, pushing myself to feel so tired.

It’s just funny because after I push myself and workout I usually feel better. But it is getting started and pushing through it.

I also get bored exercising and going for walks and I hate being bored. Probably part of why I am such a busy body.

Another problem I am realizing is finding an ideal time with my busy schedule which is especially busy in the morning but then feeling tired and crashing in the evening.

Ways I Will Try To Stay Motivated And Keep Going If I Lose Motivation

So I need to make a plan if I want to continue this regular exercise.

As I get older I realise how much my body needs exercise to thrive and not fall apart. I am 34 will be 35 years in July. I shouldn’t be in as much pain as I am.

So here we go.

Ways I Will Try To Stay Motivated:

  • Having it on the schedule after Pepper’s walk. The timing makes sense because the short walk is like a warm up and I am usually a little sweaty anyway. I usually change and get dressed after Pepper’s walk, so I might as well exercise then.
  • Tell myself/ lie that sweat is just me glowing and sparkling. Think of it as healing my skin and getting rid of bad stuff in my body.
  • Make it fun, look like a weirdo in my living room and smile.
  • I am finding YouTube exercise videos that I find uplifting and fun. I really like “Grow With Jo” right now, especially her dance series. I used to do Jo’s exercises a couple years ago and it’s been a hot minute but I love her enthusiasm. And good for her she has reached over 5 million YT subscribers.
  • Recognize after exercising how good I feel.
  • I am adding another thing, more recently, it is 3-16-24 a few weeks after staying consistent. I am using a reward chart (the chart I am using). Everytime I do my workout I will color in a flower. When I fill it up I get a reward that I decide beforehand. I will update on how that helps because I just printed it out.

Please share more ideas in the comments I can try.

Ways To Keep Going If I Lose Motivation:

  • Just Do It- Nike (Tell myself this!)
  • I wrote a motivational letter to myself about why I am doing this.
  • Remind myself of the good that regular exercise does.
  • I am finding that at times when I lose motivation any exercise is better than no exercise. Such as right now, I am just hiking for an hour in the mornings. This is not my walk, aerobics, strength training and stretching routine but it is still exercise.
  • When I don’t do this or exercise for a couple days my body and especially pelvis tighten up again and I start to feel sore in my body so that in itself helps me to get back to exercising.

What Exercise Routine I Am Doing Right Now

It has been a good two almost three weeks now since I started exercising after my morning walks.

I have been able to keep the routine even through colds and sickness in the house. That is a big deal for me, because I usually use sickness and colds as an excuse to take a break from exercising until I feel better and then I am off the bandwagon.

I am not saying that it is not a legit excuse and reason to take a break because I think it is. But there is always a reason for me to stop and that made me angry. So I decided that my sickness/cold was not going to stop me.

So enough of my babbling here is the workout:

  • Walk my dog Pepper
  • Cardio in my living room Grow With Jo channel
  • Strength training I made up my own routine
  • Stretching following video on YouTube

Here is my updated routine

  • Hiking in the woods for an hour with Colton and Pepper.

I have been doing this 4-5 times per week. Still doing the same amount of times per week, but sometimes I feel like my body needs everyday to stay looser in my body.

For the cardio, like I said I am following the Grow With Jo YouTube channel and I have been doing her beginner playlist. Everytime I exercise I do the next video on the playlist. I believe she has over 70 videos on that playlist. Right now I have done 14 of the videos.

For the strength training, I have about 4 or 5 exercises with sets and reps. I am doing it about 7 times, then I am going to increase the difficulty, do 7 times and again increase difficulty do 7 times. Then after doing the same exercises at 3 increasing difficulty levels, I am changing the exercises to more difficult types and repeating the process. I am working on getting to get to the point of difficult body strength exercises and a higher amount of sets and reps, but making it doable and gradual.

For stretching, I was following a different YouTube channel called Madfit, but the stretching was hurting me and causing pain. I have an anterior tilt in my pelvis that has caused me a lot of issues, so I decided to instead find a video to work on helping and fixing that problem. I found a yoga video that has been helping with that. I don’t believe in the spiritual side of Yoga and believe it is actually damaging, but I do think the stretches, and breathing can help loosen and relax the body. The channel is called Yoga with Bird and I am going to try out more of her videos. I like her calm demeanor and the relaxing music.

So that is what I have currently been doing.

Also please share more ideas for this too in the comments I can try.

How Exercise Has Been Helping Me

I am not going to say that I have been losing tons of weight because I am not. That is also not my main goal or focus at all. I get discouraged easily when I focus on losing weight and don’t see results.

My focus instead has been on how I feel.

Well I have been feeling better since exercising almost everyday.

I wake up often feeling stressed like I gotta rush to get everything done that needs to get done. If Colton has an attitude that adds more stress, if the animals are being loud and demanding, cats meowing, dog whining, birds screaming that adds more stress, I could go on. Anyway, though exercise takes time, sometimes almost an hour from walking pepper to finishing stretching then having to take a rinse off shower, it has been helping me mentally.

As I exercise I feel the anxiety and stress leave. By the end I feel totally different than when I started. More relaxed and refreshed. A 180 from when I started. Not only has exercise helped me be in a better mental and emotional space, but after the first week my chronic pain started to lessen.

Now I have done this routine 14 times at least, there have been times where I feel no pain in my body at all. That is huge because I always feel some sort of pain and tension somewhere whether shoulders and neck or my back. It has been so nice lately to move around and not have pain. I will say it is not constantly no pain, just periods of time and then I can stiffen up sometimes feel pain but that is happening less and less.

So those have been my main benefits from the exercise; better mood in the morning and less pain throughout the day.

I think my biggest benefit has been that my body doesn’t hurt as much and I am not as stiff.



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