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The Subjects I Am Teaching For Kindergarten

Our Homeschool Journey

Embarking on this adventure, I’ve embraced both the required topics in Massachusetts and the freedom to add my own flair to our homeschool curriculum.

In Massachusetts they have topics that you are required to cover but you can go above what is required and add other classes of course.

For my homeschool curriculum I have the required topics or subjects whatever you want to call them and I have added some extracurricular of my own.

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Navigating ADHD in Homeschooling

As a mother with ADHD I come up with a boatload of class and homeschool ideas. But what happens with this and most things is I get excited about an idea and then blip the motivation for it and passion I had for it a minute, hour, day or week ago is gone and I have lost interest. My motivation for things are not always lost forever they may come and go.

Sometimes I have to just commit to something through the highs and lows of how I feel about it which is never easy. But this is for the best of my son Colton.

READ>> Anyway if you have read it before read my disclaimer/ FYI on my about me page.

This journey isn’t just about education; it’s also a personal challenge, learning to balance my ADHD with the commitment to homeschool my son Colton.

Curriculum Overview: Core and Extracurricular Subjects

Okay and moving on to the point of this blog post. The subjects I decided to teach Colton.

Our curriculum is a blend of essential subjects and exciting extracurriculars, tailored to Colton’s interests and our educational goals.

I have the main subjects:

  • English
  • Math
  • Social Studies/History
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Good Character
  • Art Class
  • Music Class

Those classes cover topics that I need to cover in Massachusetts as well as basic classes.

The other classes I am teach I had Colton helped choose them.

These are the extracurricular classes:

  • Spanish
  • Equine and Horsemanship
  • Breakdancing

Innovative Teaching Strategies for Active Learning

For the extracurricular I am trying to teach one of these per day in addition to the main subjects.

Also I divide up the main subjects into 2 days and I rotate Day 1 and Day 2. So far it is working out.

I created a plan for each class for all the topics we will go over with the help of Chatgpt. With Chatgpt’s assistance, I’ve developed a comprehensive and flexible plan for each subject, incorporating diverse activities for effective learning.I then choose a few activities to learn the topic.

Recognizing Colton’s need for engaging activities, I’m focusing on hands-on, interactive learning methods.

I am trying to do more hands on active type activities when I can, because my son who like me has ADHD, he has a lot of trouble focusing and staying still and he learns better with doing things like crafts, and games.

Not that all our lessons will be like that.

Looking Ahead: Our Unofficial Start to Homeschooling

As we gear up for this unofficial start to homeschooling, I’m filled with anticipation and hope for what this year will bring for Colton and me.

I am going to end here for now. Let me know in the comments what you would like me to expand on or know.

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