Walking Adventures With Chat GPT

Last Updated on: March 16th, 2024

Want to make your walks with your kids more fun?

How about making it an adventure?

I had an idea to create a Custom GPT for walk adventures.

Okay update time 3-16-24

I have the gpt on private right now. I have used it twice. There are still issues I am trying to sort out. For example, when we go for a walk outside and I am using my phone it is hard to hear what is being said even with my volume all the way up. Mostly this is because of the noises of cars and dogs barking. Also the output of the GPT sometimes does work the way I was visioning so I am still going to be tweaking it and trying to make it more aligned with what I wanted for it.

Okay all for now.

There is a lot of back end tweaking to be done. It is a work in progress. More details to come.

If you like the idea let me know down in the comments!

Disclaimer: To use custom gpts you need to have a pro account with Chat GPT. Also I don’t get paid or any affiliate money or anything from this. I am just doing it for fun right now.

More info to come!

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